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🟢 Work directly with KIKA owner's accounts (such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

🟢 Craft captivating social media narratives on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to engage the audience.

🟢 Plan the symphony of video editing, photo shoots, and freelance videography to produce mesmerising visual content.

🟢 Transform reels into cinematic masterpieces, incorporating subtitles and creating eye-catching graphics using Canva's artistic tools.

🟢 Organize a gallery of high-quality content that not only aligns with our vision but also deeply resonates with our owners' values.

🟢 Collaborate on the personal branding of KIKA owners. 


🟢 Personal Attributes: Demonstrate adaptability, initiative, and a proactive mindset, capable of swiftly executing tasks and responding to evolving priorities.

🟢 Professionalism and Attention to Detail: Uphold the highest standards of professionalism, with a precise eye for detail in all aspects of content creation and communication. 

🟢 Confidence and Integrity: Approach challenges with confidence. 

🟢 The universal language of English skills.

🟢 Very good communications skills.

Why join us?

🌐 Work in the leading pet products trade and production company in the Baltic countries.

🚀 An ambitious KIKA team focused on new challenges. 

🏢 Office in the very centre of Kaunas city. 

🌱 Conditions for personal and professional growth.

🎁 A package of benefits (health insurance and KIKA discounts for employees and their four-legged friends).

🧺 Perks.lt - perks and privileges, where every click unlocks a world of savings and delights, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Atsiųsk mums savo CV ar LinkedIn’o paskyrą su prisistatymu, antraštėje paminint pozicijos pavadinimą.

Savaime suprantama – konfidencialumą garantuojame.


Jei jūsų gyvūnas turėtų nykščius, jis sektų KIKA naujienas. Prenumeruokite ir gaukite -20% nuolaidą krepšeliui!